What's New in 2.0

What’s NEW in MY BP LAB 2.0

In addition to new daily questions and improved blood pressure measurement, the newest version of the My BP Lab app offers three major innovations:


Game-Like Cognitive Tasks

My BP Lab 2.0 turns brain training around by measuring your memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility with game-like challenges. Why? We want to examine how stress and daily experiences influence cognitive capacity from one moment to the next.


Stress Management Training

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? My BP Lab 2.0 offers stress management training. By opting into the stress management module, you’ll be able to see short videos that teach you skills to help reduce stress and blood pressure.


Galaxy Watch Integration

With My BP Lab 2.0, you can connect your Galaxy Watch Active to the app and measure your blood pressure straight from your smartwatch in just a few quick touches.

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